How To Create a Master Bedroom Retreat

Are you like most people and have focused on the "public" rooms in your home such as the living room and kitchen and have neglected your master bedroom?  Do you dream of creating a sanctuary you can retreat to at the end of a busy day and relax?  I'm sharing my tips on how to create the master bedroom retreat you've been waiting for!

Calgary Interior Designer - how to create a master bedroom retreat

Create a Master Bedroom Retreat Tip #1 - find a great bed

Start with the most important / largest piece in the room - this is obviously the bed.

A soft upholstered bed that has some interest but is overall very classic and timeless.  The lines on this bed are simple and clean but the stitched detail adds interest.  There is nothing to overwhelm the senses but this bed is not boring.  And as an added bonus - the slightly sloped back encourages you to grab a great book and escape for a bit. 

Calgary Interior Designer - How to Create a Master Bedroom Retreat

Create a Master Bedroom Retreat Tip #2 - make your furniture pieces memorable 

Keep your "stuff" to a minimum and add select furniture that has some interesting details. 

Having a bunch of accessories and thcatkys can make a room feel busy and chaotic and yet sometimes a minimal room is not what you want. Selecting furniture with amazing details such as this piece will help add visual interest and still keep a clean modern feel.

Calgary Interior Designer - How to Create a Master Bedroom Retreat

Create a Master Bedroom Retreat Tip #3 - create layers of light

Don't ignore the light fixtures!  Switch out your basic, boring builder grade light fixture and add a light that doubles as art.

Most bedrooms I see, have a builder's standard ceiling light. Why not have your light do double duty and act as art?  Add a beautiful chandelier or a semi-flush fixture (depending on your ceiling height) above your bed and pair it with some great bedside lamps to give you layers of light.  Bonus points for putting the ceiling fixture on a dimmer!  

Calgary Interior Designer - How to Create a Master Bedroom Retreat
Create a Master Bedroom Retreat - lighting

Create a Master Bedroom Retreat Tip #4 - bedding

We spend a lot of our lives in bed - make sure your bedding is worth the time you spend with it.

Are you looking for a better night's sleep? The fabric that you choose for your bedding is more important than the colour or print of the material!  Studies have suggested that linen bedding may improve sleep.   Highly absorbent, and temperature regulating, linen wears better than cotton and becomes softer after every wash!  Keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer — linen is an all natural breathable fabric which can wick away moisture.  (Keep in mind - linen will not give you that crisp tailored look so if that is your aim - it's not for you) 

Create a Master Bedroom Retreat Tip #5 - add plants

I've said it once, I will say it again - add a plant (or 2 or 3) 

Plants filter the air, can reduce anxiety and help you get a better night's sleep.  Enough said!  Add a plant, there are plenty of no nonsense easy maintenance plants you can try.  


Are you ready to get your own master bedroom retreat?

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