How To Organize Your closet And Make It Pretty Too!

So, you've taken care of the decluttering and now you need to get organized with what you've kept.  The good news is, you've gotten rid of all the junk and there is less stuff to deal with. Right?  Feels good doesn't it?  

Being organized is the bomb dot com.  When you are organized everyday tasks become simpler, there is less stress and yes - more time to do things you love.  

You are ready to move on to the organizing phase.  Let's start with the most important room in the house.........the closet!  You have purged all the stuff that you do not love, that doesn't fit you or is past it's lifespan.  And if you haven't already - check out my post here for why you need to declutter. 


Tip # 1: You need good hangers and storage containers

Get yourself some great hangers, I personally use these velvet hangers and love that they are slim, don't mark your clothes and you can hang more delicate tops and they won't slide off.  (No more silk camisoles laying on the floor of the closet)

Once you get the hangers, hang your clothes according to type so you can pick your pieces quickly and create an outfit in a snap.  What I mean is - hang your Blazers and Jackets together, t-shirts together, cami's together, skirts together, dresses see where I'm going here. 

Store seasonal items in storage containers or baskets on the top shelf of the closet.  Now, you can decide what you want for containers, some may want utilitarian, clear bins, whatever they have on hand.  But why not make them fabulous!  Like these metal baskets from CB2.  J'adore!.

Source:  CB2

Source: CB2

Tip # 2:  Gain storage on your walls by adding hooks.

Take advantage of your empty walls and add some stylish hooks.  Hooks are great way to organize.  You can use hooks to hang hats, handbags, scarves, clothes that you're going to wear again.....

You can also use them to display your favorites, such as a gorgeous handbag that you use for special occasions and is just to darn pretty to tuck away on a shelf.  You love it!  It makes you happy to see it, display it!!   You can rotate items that you hang on your hooks seasonally too.  So the heavy plaid scarf you wear in the winter gets switched out for the light gauzy floral print in the spring.  Wall hooks are versatile and allow you switch out what you use them for to reflect the changing seasons and moods of your life.   And they can and should also be good looking little taskmasters.  Like these - so pretty and TREND ALERT: tassels!

Tip # 3: Add a Mirror To Your Closet

If space allows, hang a mirror in your closet or close to it.  A full length mirror if at all possible.

How does a mirror make you more organized? 

It's kind of a round about way but adding a mirror will make it easier to check your outfit and get moving, thus saving you time.  If you're walking into a different room to see if what you're wearing works, then you're wasting time.  There is also the potential of taking off what you've tried on in a rush and leaving it where you are.  If you have a mirror in the closet, it's easy to put everything back where it belongs when you're just not feeling your outfit.   So, there you have it - a mirror keeps you organized.  A mirror will also make your space look larger as well as helps bounce light around.  And again - make it pretty!

Souce:  Uttermost

Souce: Uttermost

Tip # 4: Add a laundry Hamper With Style

It is a fact of life that we have laundry.  I have tried to pretend it's not there, but it doesn't go away.  A clothes hamper in your closet will keep your dirty clothes contained until laundry day.  Keep your hamper something you enjoy looking at and maybe laundry won't be such a chore.   

Tip # 5: Keep a Catch All In Your Closet For Your Odds and Sods

We all have times we have some pocket change, or something in our pockets that we need to keep handy.  Maybe you lost a button throughout the day and popped it in your pocket.  Now you may not have time to sew it back on right away but you need a place to keep it for a while until you can take care of it.  Putting a small container of some sort will help you corral that "stuff" until you need it again or have a chance to put it in it's rightful place.  

source: CB2

source: CB2

Just because a closet is basically for storage, doesn't mean it can't look good.  So get out there and make that closet shine!  If you need design help or you need someone to primp your closet for you.  Contact me and me can discuss your project in more detail.