Why you need to Declutter for less stress in your life.

Clutter, junk, chaos, whatever you call it - you don't need it, it's got to go!  Try to hide it, shove it in a closet or cabinet or stack it in a corner and pretend it's not there.  It is a drain on you emotionally, financially and a huge waster of all the time.  In other words - it is causing you stress!  Do you dream of having a stress free, fully functional home that will make you the envy of all your friends and frenemies alike?  Well, ditch the chaos and get organized!   But, before you can get organized, all those nooks and crannies are going to need to be purged.  

Do you remember that episode of Friends where we finally see inside the Monica's mystery closet?  And the insane amount of stuff she had inside.  Remember how stressed she was about someone seeing into that closet?  Instead of being afraid to open your closet door for fear of the chaos inside, you need to declutter your home.  Well there is no time like the present! Read on my friend!

Not sure you want to conquer the clutter?  Read on for the reasons why you should.    


Reason #1 - Declutter Your Home And You Can Find Things Easily

How many times have you searched for something on a hectic morning as you're trying to get the kids to school and yourself off to work?  Prime example - my son had swimming lessons at school and at the last minute reminded me that he wanted his swim goggles.  Cue the insane search for the googles, yelling, crying, stress.    Who wins in this situation?  No one!  So now the goggles have a place where they are put back after every use and we can grab them and go when needed.

And the paperwork!  It seems to multiply over night, how does it even happen? We hang on to all the stuff we don't need and then can't find the important documents when we need them because we don't have a system that works, and we don't have a system that works, because we've hung on to all the stuff we don't need.  See the problem here?  Why would I have the paperwork for a vehicle I haven't owned in YEARS?  

Don't get me started on my clothes.  I was wearing perhaps a 10th of what was hanging in my closet, yet wasted so much time everyday searching for something to wear.  Then, I purged my closet - now finding what I want is a snap.  

The list goes on: toys, easter decorations, halloween decorations, dvds, shoes, gadgets

When I started decluttering and getting rid of all the useless items and stuff I didn't really love, I began to see how much time was getting eaten up. We're all busy.  Time is too precious to waste!  So spend some time to declutter your home and you will actually get more time in the end.  Simple as that!

Say it with me - "I DON"T NEED ALL THIS STUFF!"

So that leads us to....

Reason #2 - Declutter Your Home To Have Less Stress

Visual clutter causes you stress.  Not being able to find something causes you stress.  Time wasted causes you stress.  Am I right?  I know I'm not the only one that feels like this.  

Clutter stresses you out! 

There are too many damn things in this life that already cause stress.  Work, kids, schedules, traffic.  

You may not be able to control all these stresses but you can control your home.  Tame the chaos!  The only way you will ever begin to have less stress in your home is to purge it of all the clutter.

And if this means getting rid of a gift from a loved one that just isn't your style or isn't something you'll use, so be it.  Hanging on to a bunch of old kids toys because your child "loved' it at one point is silly.  Getting rid of something doesn't get rid of the memories, holding on to every memento is just not good for you and creates stress.  If this means getting rid of the rice maker that you had all the best intentions of using but in reality only used it once.  Then get that rice cooker gone!!!

To destress your life, you need to declutter your home.  

Reason #3: Declutter Your Home And You Will Have more Space

Umm, this is pretty obvious.  Less stuff = more space. Purging your home of all the stuff you don't love or that has no use to you means you will have more space in your life for all the things you do love. Room to breath and appreciate what you have.  

Time and time again, clients tell me they need more storage, more closets, more space.  All of these solutions will cost you a pretty penny. If you get rid of the excess you will likely discover you have the closet space, cabinet space and storage that you need already.  

Alright, on to the next reason.....

Reason #4 - Declutter Your Home So You LOVE What You Have

Daydream #1 - Imagine opening up the front door after a long hard day and seeing only things that you love.  You walk in, put your keys in a pretty little dish on the beautiful console table and put your shoes nice and neatly in the closet in the space specifically for them.

This vision made possible by imagining a space that is uncluttered .  Am I right? 

Daydream #2 - Imagine opening up the front door, there are piles of coats strewn about because there is no room to hang them in the closet, shoes are left by the door because - again - no room in the closet.  Your keys need to be tossed beside the dish because it is overflowing with bills and receipts and mail. The room is filled with things that are just 'meh". 

Totally different experience, lemme guess which one you prefer.  

Even if you prefer most of your items to be behind closed doors, make sure everything you have is special to you, beautiful, or useful.

While I don't expect you to love EVERYTHING you have. (It may be weird if you loved your toilet brush for example, but hey - to each their own) 

And imagine a closet with only items that you love.  You'll always have something to wear, even if it's the same 5 outfits, over and over.  

But wait, there's more....

Reason #5 - Declutter Your Home To Avoid Embarrassment

A friend or family drops in unexpectedly.  Cue the horror music - squee squee squee. 

Nervousness sets in.  Will it be clean enough?  Will they judge me?  Will they look in the cabinets?  Do I need to start making excuses as to why my house is a mess?

Well, whether they do or don't isn't really the point, it's the possibility they'll look.  Cringe worthy.   

How awesome a feeling would it be to know that if someone does drop in unexpectedly and even if that someone did look in your cabinets or closets all they would see is clean, organized neat and tidy spaces?  


So let the decluttering begin!!