How to get a Canadian Inspired Interior

O’ Canada!  With Canada Day approaching, I’ve been reflecting on how proud I am to be Canadian and how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful country. 

We are living in some strange times but with the ah-hem events happening with our neighbours we are seeing a rise in our National pride and “buy local” and “buy Canadian” sentiment.  

Are you feeling the urge to announce your national pride and add a Canadian flair to your home?  

These 5 ideas will help you to create a room from the land of the free and the home of the brave.   

Add a Canadian flair with a wall mural of a Canadian Landscape. 

It’s no secret, I am a big fan of wallpaper.  I love all patterns and textures but I am a sucker for a dramatic mural.  I tend to gravitate towards black and white to keep it a bit edgy.  This mural is of a Canadian lake.  

Add a Canadian flair with iconic wall decor

Canoes and paddles are part of our amazing history and are easily recognizable as being very Canadian.  Gather some vintage paddles or add a dash of colour and pattern with a painted paddle and hang in a grouping.  This can work with rustic interiors as well as modern.   

Add a Hudson’s Bay Blanket

No Canadian interior is truly complete without a Hudson’s Bay 5-point Blanket.  Such an iconic part of our history and instantly recognizable.  They work well pretty much anywhere.  They’re warm - because um, 6 months of winter!  They last a lifetime and beyond so can be passed down generation to generation.  And they look great.

Add Canadian made artisan pieces

We have seen a resurgence of crafting and cottage industries with markets of makers and artisans popping up all around us.  The talent showcased by these makers and artisans is outstanding and to have a piece in your home that you know was made by perhaps the very person who sold it to you in their market booth is so meaningful.  There is a different feeling that goes along with this.  I have coveted these log bowls for a couple years now.  They are beautiful and even better in person.  And how Canadian?  They’re logs! Love ‘em

Add some faux animals

I don't always say to go faux, but in this instance - please do.  A moose head, so perfectly Canadian.  And in black - it makes a statement that fits with almost any decor style.  

how to get a canadian inspired interior moose head.jpg

Are you looking to work on a space in your home but not sure how or where to start?  Contact me today to discuss how I can help.

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