Glamorous Master Bath Remodel

Walking into this home initially, my first thought was, why are we here?  They don't need a renovation, this place is fabulous. Then we toured the bathrooms and it quickly became crystal clear.  An update done in the early 90's with poor planning, bad lighting and just about everything wrong you could think of the ensuite bathroom felt like two strangely planned bathrooms combined.

The client loves the original details of the home, floor squeaks and all so materials and fixtures were selected with that in mind. The freestanding tub has that 1920's feel and we worked with multiple finishes to really bring in the feeling that the house has evolved over the last almost 100 years.  The baseboards and passage doors were replicated, the hardware on the door is vintage brass that are likely from that era.  Of course, there's no saying this bathroom came from the 1920's but I like to think that we've taken the best of both worlds to create a room that will stand the test of time.