Charming Home Addition Remodel

Charming Home Addition Remodel | Marlo Creative Interiors | Calgary Interior Designer


This house from the early 1900's was tiny but so charming and in a great location in Calgary's vibrant community of Sunnyside.  The client wanted to retain the charm of the home but needed some solutions to a cramped living room and lack of a proper entryway.  We added an addition on to the front of the house to allow for a foyer and expanded the living room.   We we able to include a fireplace with a stone facade and wood mantle which not only adds character but wards of the chill on long winter nights.  For the entryway floor, I took a risk in the design phase and only brought the client one tile option as I was so convinced it was the only choice for her. Luckily - she agreed these cement tiles were perfect!